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Brown Rice Jollof with Plantain and Spicy Chicken

Hello lovelies! I am really excited for this recipe, I am constantly trying to eat healthy and the more health food education I get the more guilt I feel about eating ordinary white rice. This week I decided to make some brown rice jollof and it turned out PERFECT!

Why Brown Rice you ask:

Brown rice has intact bran, Bran contains several items of major importance – the two major things are: fiber and essential oils. Fiber is not only filling, but is recommended in the prevention of major diseases  such as certain gastrointestinal diseases and heart disease. Most food guide recommend 25 grams of fiber a day, a cup of brown rice will give nearly 3.5 g, while an equal amount of white rice has less than 1 g. The oils that are present in the bran also help to lower the risks of heart disease by decreasing the levels of serum cholesterol in our bodies.

I will like to clarify that calories and carbohydrate comparison on both are very similar, the edge brown rice has is better nutrition and the ability to keep you fuller longer.

Brown vs White Rice:

brown vs white rice


  • Coconut oil – 1/3 cup
  • Red onion (thinly sliced) – 1/3 cup
  • Tomato paste – 156ML Can
  • Chicken bouillon –One 12g cube
  • Dried Thyme, curry powder and chili powder – ½ teaspoon each
  • Salt to taste
  • Small bay leaves – 2
  • Brown Rice –  2.5 cups
  • Water- 3 Cups
  • Large fresh tomato- sliced – Optional
    Other: Sheet of foil


  • Soak the rice in warm water for 45minutes to 1 hour prior to use
  • Place a pot with a tight fitting lead on medium heat, add in the oil and heat up for 1-2 minutes, add in the chopped onions and fry until translucent

fried onion

  • Add in the tomato paste; fry the onion and paste for 3 minutes. Add in bouillon cube, thyme, curry, chili powder and salt. Combine



  • Add in 3 cups of water and bay leaves. Cover and bring to a rolling boil
  •  Wash the soaked rice until water runs clear. Add in the rice and reduce cooking heat to low-medium. Cover the pot with the foil and then the lid
Note: It’s extremely important that the pot is well covered this ensures each grain is infused with flavor.


  • Leave to cook for 40 minutes


  • Remove the pot from heat and stir. Remove and discard the bay leaves. Add fresh tomato (if using)
Note: If the texture of rice isn’t to your liking at this point, simply cover the pot tightly for another 10-12 minutes, there is no need to return the pot back to the heat, the retained heat is enough to continue to continue to cook the rice. Otherwise the rice is ready to serve.